Lost and Found

This page gives details of all cats and kittens currently on our Lost and Found Register with photographs where we have them. If you do have a photo of your lost cat and/or found cat and the use of a computer, you can send your photo to davey.h2010@hotmail.co.uk  It can then be put on our web site and other locations and may help in your cat being returned.

Please make sure you contact David so he can add your cat to the register. If your cat has been missing for quite a spell and has returned home, we would love to hear the story and place it on our webpage. You can email it to the above address.

If you need to report a lost a cat/kitten, please phone David between{ 01228 540167} 9am and 12pm only (Noon, as I work a permanent 2.00pm -10.00pm shift) If there is no reply then please do leave a message with your contact details, and a brief description, age and name of your cat and I shall get back to you as soon as possible, however, if you are calling from a mobile then please contact me again. If you are calling to report you have found a cat please try to give as much detail as possible about the cat, where it was found and a possible contact number. We do not collect cats from the street unless in an emergency where the cats welfare may be in danger. The decision to do this would be made by our Rehoming and Welfare Officer, Elaine. 
If your cat returns home or is found, please do contact David and let him know.
Lost and found Cats are kept on the website for 3-4 months only.
If you are collecting your lost cat from one of our fosterers, please make sure you have a proper secure pet carrier in which to transport your cat home. If you do not have one then arrangements can be made. A deposit may be required for the use of a Cats Protection pet carrier.